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6 Reasons to Buy Slipcovers for a Furniture Makeover

Often a furniture’s upholstery wears out before the frame. Or, sometimes interior design fashions change leaving your furniture looking dated. And then there are times when you want to protect your furniture from getting damaged.The fact is there are many reasons to buy furniture slipcovers.6 common reasons people buy slipcovers are as follows:1. Inexpensive way to redecorateIf you redecorate, it’s much less expensive to dress your furniture with slipcovers than re-upholstering or buying new furniture.Slipcovers come in a huge variety of options so you are bound to find the style, design, color, texture, and material that’s perfect for your new interior design.2. Upholstery is wearing out yet furniture frame is perfectly goodIf you bought quality furniture, it can happen that the upholstery wears out before the frame and infrastructure. Rather than giving away, throwing away, or selling for far too cheap, buying slipcovers is an inexpensive option for prolonging the life of your furniture.3. Protect your furnitureIf you’re throwing a big party and need your furniture for the celebration, slipcovers are an inexpensive way to protect your furniture without wrapping them in plastic. In fact, slipcovers look great and won’t be an eye-sore during your celebration.You can also buy protective slipcovers for patio furniture and barbecues.4. Improve shoddy furnitureIf you have a bunch of chairs that you’re going to use for an event, such as a wedding, you can turn ugly steel sterile chairs into attractive, stylish, and elegant chairs with full-length slipcovers.5. Dress up your used furniture purchaseIf you find some quality used furniture, but aren’t keen on the upholstery, slipcovers are a fantastic way to dress up your used furniture purchase so that you have quality furniture in your home that looks great.6. Moving to a new home or moving furniture to another roomThis reason to buy slipcovers is similar to #1 above. If you want to move your furniture to another room, your moved into a new home, or are moving furniture to an office, it’s easy to match your furniture to the new environment with slipcovers.
Covers for furniture are an inexpensive and stylish way to give your furniture a makeover which then gives your room a makeover. There’s a reason slipcovers are extremely popular for DIY home owners.Regardless of your reason to buy slipcovers, the best part is they are an inexpensive solution.