A Favorite Gadget Can Become Part and Parcel of Your Life

Advancement in technology has resulted in the creation of highly advanced gadgets and there’s hardly a man on this planet that will not salivate over at least one gadget that he would love to possess. Most men covet the latest gizmos that flood the market and it’s in their nature to want to have them, hold them and experiment with them even if they are not of any real use to the owner. But let’s be frank. Despite the rush of adrenalin that men get when they see some of the novelties displayed in stores and online, it has to be acknowledged that technology has been responsible for making the world a better place to live in and for making the day to day chores of humans so much easier.There’s no denying that we’re well into the digital age with even our conversations interspersed with words that were not used two decades ago. People talk about motherboards, hard drives, megabytes, and pixels as we if they were common food we consume daily and no one would bat an eyelid because these are now familiar words in our vocabulary. Even a little kid today would have a very good idea of what an iPad can do and don’t even start on gaming consoles, such as the PS3, or Nintendo Wii because you will end up having to listen to a whole heap of technical jargon about their favorite gadget, most of which will sound like Greek to you.Every country in the world today including developing countries that have hardly enough food to feed their children are striving to find ways and means to build their IT industries without which they feel they will be left far behind. They too want to use the latest and most advanced technology to build their roads and high rise buildings while also trying their best to get the most technologically advanced equipment for their schools and hospitals to improve the life styles of their citizens. Therefore you should never be surprised to see a street urchin dressed in rags yet holding a pen drive in his hands or a coconut plucker in an Asian country using a mobile phone on the top of the tree he has climbed because these are gadgets used by almost everyone all over the world.That brings us to one gadget that no one seems able to live without. That’s right, you guessed it. I’m talking about the mobile phone or lately the smart phone which is almost an extension of the hand to many a teenager who feels he cannot function without this gizmo. The things that these phones can do never cease to amaze me because today, everything you used the PC for can be carried out on your mobile and its compactness makes it the most popular and favorite gadget of every man, woman and child.Technological gadgets mean different things to different people. While most of us tend to consider these bits and pieces as useful, fun or image enhancing, those who truly love and understand the technical aspects of the gizmos they use, find them wonderfully challenging and a means of exploring areas of technology that has not yet been discovered. It goes without saying that some of these gadgets cost a fortune; yet people buy them and keep buying when the next and better model is introduced to the market because their thirst for knowledge goes far beyond what you and I can understand.So here’s to technology and all those wonderful and not so wonderful gadgets that have become part and parcel of our daily lives. After all, think how awful it would be if we had to live in a world without mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, pen drives and memory cards etc? Today, we need these like our daily meals or are as important as the air we breathe because a gadget such as a smart phone or PC, once you get used to cannot be done away with even if you want to.

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