How to Determine If a Multifamily Property Is a Good Investment

There are several ways that you measure how successful a specific multifamily property investment is likely to be. You could look at the rental growth rates and the vacancy occupancy rates to determine how well a particular rental property is doing currently, but these numbers won’t show you how well this specific property will perform in the future. You could also choose to only purchase multifamily real estate properties in the coastal markets, or the markets that are currently producing a lot of ROI. This however, will have you competing against every other investor in the country for properties that may not be worth what you will pay for them or necessarily produce long term gains in the future. You don’t want to only look at things like occupancy rates, rental growth rates or how attractive the location of the property is if you want to accurately gauge the investment value of the property. To truly determine if a particular multifamily investment property is worth your time look at the top 4 components of a top commercial rental investment. In 5th place below, some final tips before you pull the trigger on your new investment.1. Excellent Population GrowthThe best places to locate good multifamily investment properties are locations that show very strong growths in population. There are few things that generate interest in rental properties like an exploding population. Locations that have a significant influx of new residents are the best places to buy commercial real estate. The reason behind a location’s population boom is something to consider however. The best locations are ones that are gaining population through migration or the creation of new households. Places where new people are joining existing households are not as useful to the commercial property investor.2. Residents Who Are Young and MobileLocations with greater numbers of young and mobile residents are better for rental property owners, as younger people tend to rent homes more than they buy them.3. Locations With Expanding EmployersWhen a large company expands its employment base, more young and mobile residents move into that location. This makes the commercial rental properties in this area more valuable to investors. Smart investors put their money into markets that show strong rising trends in employers and job growth. Look for regions with above average growth in employment, or locations where very large employers are setting up shop. Odds are these large companies will bring in a lot of new residents, who will all need an apartment to rent.4. Specific SubmarketsMost commercial housing investors look for markets that are either classified as high barrier, meaning that it is difficult to find a rental apartment for the renter (think New York City) or markets that are easy to find a rental property (like Texas). However, if you take the time to find a very specific submarket in an easy to get into area, you could find the jackpot for commercial real estate in that area. For example, most parts of Texas are easy to find a rental apartment, except a very few sections that are considered to be newly developed high end markets. These high barrier locations in easy market areas make good commercial real estate investment choices.5. Property by Property AnalysisOnce you have narrowed your investment down to specific submarkets you need to weigh out different investment properties within that area. Here a broker with experience in property management and ownership is your best bet for locating great multifamily investment properties. Don’t think the brochures you receive from agents contain anything but the rosiest predictions. Get someone who can really underwrite your investment for what it will do, or as close to it as possible. This is not just a mathematical undertaking based on income, stated expenses, debt service, and other costs. You need someone to do all of this within the framework of careful property due diligence and knowledge of market specifics where property management is concerned. You need someone who will factor in your necessary capital improvements, carefully review tenant information, and other issues that might come up during a property inspection. Two “identical” buildings next to each other on the same street may perform very differently depending on how they have been managed in the past, the tenant base, owner relations with neighbors and local authorities, and so on. The variables are many. Make sure you get the most experienced brokerage and property management person you can to represent you!

Promote Your Business Online With the Benefit of Driving Repeat Sales From Your Customers

In this article I am going to share with you possibly the most effective strategy which you can use to promote your business online with the benefit of driving repeat sales from your customers.This approach means more sales on a more regular basis from your customers – and that means more profitable sales. And if you are running a small business then you don’t need me to tell you the importance of profitability. Repeat sales from existing customers are almost always more profitable, and it’s easier to sell to existing customers because they already know you.Promote your business online with email marketing is one of the most profitable and easiest ways to drive repeat sales from existing customers and prospects – it’s roughly six to twelve times less expensive to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.Email marketing is:Easy
MeasurableAnd yet – for some bizarre reason promoting your business online with email marketing it is one of the most neglected opportunities. Let me give you an example of a wasted opportunity to promote your business online with email marketing.When was the last time you received an email from your hairdresser? Seriously, hair salons are losing a fortune by not building an email list and sending emails to their clients? Why?How often do you intend to make an appointment with your hairdresser, but don’t actually get round to doing it until at least several weeks later? A regular email from your hairdresser would be a great prompter and mean more clients would make their appointments more regularly – meaning more profit for the hair salon.Here is a real example of email marketing in action!A client of mine has a thriving retail business which sells online and offline. The business has been in existence since 1985. Two years ago they became a client of mine, and I immediately identified a lack of regular ongoing communication with their existing clients. They held email addresses for all their existing online customers. I immediately introduced a “promote your business online with email marketing” strategy, and for the past two years their existing customers have received emails once a month whilst at the same time we have grown their email marketing list by attracting new opt-in prospects.During that two year period – which includes the global recession – my client’s online sales have increased by 50%. We have made no other changes to their online sales strategy during that period.It’s not rocket science, communicate with your customers on a regular basis giving them hints, tips, advice, offers and useful information – and more of your customers will buy more products and services from you on a more regular basis.I can virtually guarantee that if you promote your business online with email marketing you will increase your sales. Email marketing is a free way to promote your business online, and if done properly it can be extremely effective and profitable.If you would like to learn how to:Build a list of opt-in email addresses which you can use for email marketing.
Write and send compelling emails that will develop closer relationships with your customers and drive more sales.
Automate the whole process to make it easy and maximize profits.

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